Saturday, March 29, 2008

Need Help To Grow In Community.

Still haven't been active much or more towards in uploading and still needed more members to join and help.

The community at Shinkai Anime still haven't grow much in this past few years. We currently have 3 member active in forum and some just use the shout box with not active in forum. Besides no one would like to join because due to lack of members and activeness at there. That is the uber basic of all not to be active if member is too few or lack of member activeness. LolZ...

Friday, March 28, 2008

My objective~

If members would help out to gain funds for a domain name. With Shinkai Anime I would first like to buy a domain name instead of using a free one. Since we're using a free domain our ranking is not in position for gaining any members. Then I would like to buy a host so that when we can gain more members to our site. If every members would help out that would be a big help.

If you're wondering why a free domain site contain a paypal donation section. Now you know thats why.

Total objective funds needed:- $200
Currently gaining funds online:- $4.50
Donation funds (Account verified):- $0
Working under someone:- $0

Total funds:- $4.50
Thanks for reading.