Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NeoBux intro & Payment Proofs

What is NeoBux?

NeoBux is a PTC's Site who pay you 1 cents every 1 ads that you see For FREE

Trusted Site, a PTC's that already Paid More Than $13,000,000.00 to his members, online more than 1,5 years, even their logo's is already license and register.

How NeoBux works?

Every day you get 4 ads to viewing, and you got $0.04 for 4 ads.

NeoBux is allowed us as member to have direct referrals, who is direct referrals?

Direct referral is the person who join NeoBux under your link or your banner.

You as their upline get up to $0.005 per your referrals click their 1 ads

Your referrals get 4 ads/day too like yours, and if they click all 4 ads, you get $0.02 daily.

So, Daily Income for you and from 1 direct referrals is $0.04 + $0.02 = $0.06

Is this a Ponzi Scheme or Getting Rich Quick System?

No, this is not Ponzi Scheme and not Getting Rich Quickly System, because that system is forbidden by AlertPay and Paypal (Online Payment Processor)

Where do I start before joining NeoBux?

Create your Payment Processor, Choose one of this or you can create both of them for free. AlertPay or PayPal.

Is that Payment is Secure, because PayPal is need my Credit Card Number!

Sure, Famous Website like eBay, Amazon use PayPal as their payment too, nothing worry, and with PayPal, your Credit Card is more secure, because you doesn't need give your Credit Card Number for buying anything in Online World, and you can track your money if somebody steal your money.

Where the link for join NeoBux?

You can register NeoBux with this banner below:

Per click: $ 0.01

Per referral click: $ 0.005

Cashout: $ 2 (instant)

Ads: 4

I got 4 PAYMENT that i had received from Online Busines. NeoBux, The Best PTC that ever human Made!

Payment Proofs:


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